Ammonia packs

(without ammonia pumps)

Ammonia packs

Product Applications

  • Blast freezing
  • Plate freezing
  • Cold stores (freezing)


  • Individual quick freezing (IQF)
  • Flake Ice

Product features

Stainless Steel Construction

All stainless steel piping and frames. All ammonia piping in stainless steel.

Mycom Screw Compressors

We use Mycom screw compressors for ammonia for most of our ice machines up to 400 kW. Our experience with Mycom is highly satisfactory and spare parts are available everywhere.

Zero Maintenance Oil Cooler

Oil cooling is facilitated with a thermoshiphon oil cooler and therefore no maintenance is required on the oil cooler for the screw compressor.

Shell and Tube Titanium Condenser & Pre-cooler

Highly efficient and effective chiller with water in the tubes and therefore easy to clean and maintain.

Corrosion free HDPE and stainless steel water covers.

Multi Stage Oil Separator

We manufacture our own horizontal oil separators, which are highly efficient with a very low oil carry-over. In addition, we use multi-stage oil separation and a fine filer at the end of the line to ensure optimum oil separation.

From 10 kW to 1000 kW

Available in a size that meets your requirements. From 10kW to 1000 kW