Marine & fish processing:
- Ultra fast chilling
- Onboard vessels
- Land based
- Wild fish
- Aquaculture

Application on board & land processing:
- Purse seiners / Tuna
- Refgrigerated sea water
- Glycol chilling
- Chilled water process lines

Plate Freezing
Blast Freezing
IQF (Individual Quick Freezing)
Cold Stores

Application on board & land processing:
Blast freezing
Plate freezing
Cold stores (freezing)
Flake Ice

Made Simple

We design, manufacture, install, commission and service marine and industrial refrigeration systems.
Our aim is to be the most innovative and environmentally responsible refrigeration company in the world, providing modular packaged solutions. Simplifying and delivering the most energy efficient systems with the lowest operational cost.

Since 2002

We continue to re-invent ourselves
to improve our systems

Sets Us Apart

◎    Pumpless Amonia Systems
◎    Unmatched Compact Design
◎    Patented Everflo™ Technology
◎    Modular Design

Our Values

◎    Innovation
◎    Simplicity
◎    Experience
◎    Quality

International component brands used in Everflo systems